Support Programs

Visit the following websites to find out more about the programs Prairie Crocus was established to support.

ReAct Winnipeg

Our mission is to offer a safe, loving and respectful environment, and a program that addresses the biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of healing for people who suffer from addiction, trauma, and/or spiritual brokenness that they may experience a measure of freedom from the effects of these while becoming better equipped to face future challenges.

Riverwood House

Riverwood House will be a 40-unit Recovery Housing complex taking aim at addictions, poverty, and homelessness through a safe, stable and supportive environment for Winnipeg’s at-risk population. Participants will work towards recovery within a context of independent living and supportive programming to build meaningful life skills, including access to ReAct, a trauma-informed recovery program. Riverwood House participants will be empowered to determine their plan to successful recovery on a client-centred timeline and will experience a sense of community and belonging within the context of a supportive service delivery network.

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